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40-years working experience of stainless, titanium and nickel tubes manufacturing


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Dnipro, UKRAINE, 49044
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Nikopol, 53200
Dnipropetrovsk region, UKRAINE
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Company - Team

Protection of the generated high-efficiency, rallied collective of skilled professionals and involvement of young experts to work allows solving problems of various degree of complexity facing to the enterprise. The respect of corporate values and traditions, experienced mentoring gives the chance to use a potential of employees effectively as much as possible.

OSCAR Production Group carries out a realization of vision and company mission by involving all personnel in process of production and quality improvement with accurate definition of powers and responsibility for everyone.

The basic slogan of the company: «Highly-skilled personnel, working in a team is a basic capital assets of the enterprise».

Top-priority goals of personnel policy of OSCAR Production Group are development of a mental potential of  specialists, balance between individual abilities of workers and interests of the enterprise.

The primary goals of personnel policy concern:

  • Support and development of high professional level of the personnel at the enterprise;
  • The qualified screening and appointment of the specialists to key positions;
  • Generation change management with unconditional saving of critical knowledge;
  • Target preparation of newcomers, training, retraining and personnel upgrading.

Personnel screening is carried out exclusively at acknowledgement of contender‘s qualification for vacancy replacement.

OSCAR Production Group provides necessary competence of the personnel influencing on production quality, based on education, training and retraining of personnel, bringing information to each worker of the enterprise about importance, ability and professional level for achievement of the purposes in the field of quality.

Appraisal of proficiency level, comprehension of importance and significance of everybody’s work, the documentary accounting of personnel upgrading and personnel training are elements of personnel policy of the company.

At the present time there are 68% of the total amount of employees is graduates; 26% of them have got higher education; 25% of workers have got a secondary technical training; 16% of employees have got professional education. The average age of employees is 43 years.

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